About Us

Wychbold Honey

Who are we?

We are a small family business operating out of Wychbold, Worcestershire since 2015 and the bees we look after collect nectar from wildflowers locally. We have 3 apiaries local to Wychbold and have provided honey to local residents. 

We aim to be as ethical and sustainable as possible and treat the bees responsibly. Bees are so valuable to the pollination of plants and it is our duty to ensure the welfare and maintain the bee population in Worcestershire.

Your support is vital to the maintenance of these beautiful creatures and for every jar of honey that is purchased, we use the proceeds to ensure proper care for the bees in our hives. Happy bees, happy Honey!

We welcome you to Wychbold Honey and look forward to making your day a little sweeter.

Alan is a retired Biology Teacher and a master beekeeper and has been keeping bees in Worcestershire for 10 years.

He was awarded his Master Beekeeper status by the BBKA in 2018. 

Charlie is a novice beekeeper and manages the social media of the business. He is very interested in making the company sustainable and stop using plastic wherever possible in products. If you are interested in beekeeping then please get in touch by email or on our social media.