Beeswax Wraps

The natural eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Ideal for wrapping vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, snacks, sandwiches, covering bowls, etc. Made with 100% cotton infused with beeswax and tree resin. Direction: Use the warmth of your hands to mould the wrap to food item or dish. After using, wash with mild soap and COLD water, then lay flat to dry.

Not recommended for use with raw meat.

These wraps will last about a year with proper care. Includes a 30cmx30cm, 25cmx25cm and a 20cmx20cm wrap.

This is our current favourite fabric pattern and can be available in packs in our online store.

These beeswax food wraps are a perfect addition to kick start your efforts at being plastic-free. They are made from a 100% cotton, beeswax from our Worcestershire bees and pine resin.

Small family pack: 30cm x 30cm, 25cm x 25cm and 20cm x 20cm. 

We can offer a bespoke service so if you have a fabric in mind or different sizes, then we can make them to order especially for you.